Mental Aspects of Weight Loss – The Fitness On the Run Show S1E5
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 1:38PM
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When I was 16 I fell off the High Bar at gymnastics practice and broke my neck.  It was a long and difficult come back after my neck was healed, but when I was ready to come back to the sport, it was very difficult to get back on the high bar where I originally got hurt.   By using some mental management skills I learned from a couple of books, it made it easier.  Here is a video describing some principles of reinforcing positive thoughts with positive statements, as well as rejecting negative behaviors by shrugging them off an saying “that’s not like me.”

Sport and life is related, and if you are struggling to lose weight or get healthy, you can use these tools to “brainwash” yourself into doing positive behaviors over and over again.  It really does work!

Programming is important – what we think is what we do

If your goal is to lose weight, then you need to program your mind to do processes that are going to be conducive to losing weight.  For example, set some rules, stick to them, and reinforce them as a part of who you are, your self image.  If your self image adjusts to parameters you set for it, then there is no confusion.  For example, I have some programs I run that are part of my self image like I don’t eat fried foods, I don’t do dessert, and conversely – I’ll take another glass of wine. 

So, put things in the positive, and when you do something good, reaffirm that thought with a statement of “that’s like me to succeed.”

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