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Road Trip Vlog Day 5 - Storm on Lake Powell!

Finally!  A descent storm!  We’ve been looking forward to the monsoons that occur on Lake Powell, which is why we take such great care to anchor the houseboat, speedboat and Jet Ski’s so we don’t end up in a bad situation.  The Houseboat is so Large that it ends up acting like a sail in the wind and can blow away if you aren’t careful to secure it to the shore (we’ve learned our lesson in the past).  This day was quite relaxing as we watched the storm unfold and the thunder and lightning entertain us from the top of the boat.  We were anchored at Wetherill Canyon in Beautiful Lake Powell.


Road Trip Vlog Day 4 - Jon and Cari Lake Powell - Paddle Fun!

Day 4 started out on the water with Jon and Cari going for a paddle in the beautiful scenery of Lake Powell, UT.  Day 4 also marked the moving of camps from face canyon to beautiful Wetherill Canyon where Jon and Cari took the Jet ski out on a fast run through the narrow canyon.  Manuel was fantastic with the food, and what an Expert Chopper!  On the way to Wetherill Canyon, we took a break and jumped off the house boat into the warm Colorado River Water that fills Lake Powell.  The day finished with a great Photo on top of a beautiful rock mound in the middle of Wetherill Canyon. 

Thanks to SUPlove for the fantastic SUP boards!


Road Trip Vlog Day 3 - Jon and Cari Lake Powell Fun!

Day 3 on the Houseboat allowed us to relax a little more.  Cari and I paddled for a few miles and I really enjoyed  my new SUPlove Stand Up Paddle Board.  It seems to glide much more efficiently than the Naish Board I have, but I’ve never had the chance to paddle both boards in such calm smooth waters.  The Scenery was absolutely amazing.  We camped in Face Canyon in Lake Powell and it was absolutely gorgeous.  We are loaded with Technology on the boat!  WE have multiple Macbook pro’s, Nikon D200, Nikon D300, flip cameras, ect… what a place to get a good photo!


Road Trip Vlog Day 2 - Jon and Cari Launch at Powell

Day 2 of our trip started off with launching the speedboat and two jetskis, then driving the houseboat out to Face Canyon where we set up camp for the night.  We love the scenery of Face Canyon and it has a very unique looking set of rocks that have slid down a cliff and collected at the bottom of the cliff.  It is a good landmark while traveling Lake Powell, as some of the scenery can get monotonous and eventually it all looks the same!

This was Captain Pete’s First day on The Stand Up Paddle Board and he was falling all over the place.   The board is too small for him, especially to learn on, but I’m confident that in a couple of days he will get the board to work for him once his balance adapts to the conditions.  The water is plenty smooth and should cooperate.  Lake Powell is the perfect place to Learn to Stand Up Paddle.  


Road Trip Vlog Day 1 Jon and Cari head out to Needles and then on to Flagstaff

Road Trip!  Cari and I head out to Flagstaff on our way to Lake Powell for a wonderful House boating Trip.  We make a stop in Needles to pick up the speedboat with our crew, then get back on Highway 40 where we drive painfully slowly to Flagstaff for the night.  During the drive, the rig that we are following with the crew in it runs out of gas somewhere off of route 66.  A Highway Patrolman pulls over to see if everything is alright and Jon asks him if he knows if they are close to the ocean (the paddleboards are on the roof)… ha!


Best Pre - Stand Up Paddle Breakfast!

Cari and I have been eating Coach’s Oats now for about a year and I cannot recommend getting in to a healthy habit like this enough.  I used to eat a bagel every day and I knew it was a terrible choice, but it was a habit.  Now, I eat Coach’s every day and made this a habit.  It is healthy, tastes great, and easy and convenient to make.  This is something that worked for us, now I challenge you to go with the Coach!  Start your morning off on the right foot and take control of at least one meal of the day, right away, every day.  

Plus, Coach's Oats is a PERFECT pre- Paddle meal!  Be sure to eat before you go out and paddle in the morning - you will be happy after a few hours that you did!

  • Habitual Breakfast – Get in a Good Habit!
  • 100%Whole Grain  “Cracked and Toasted” Has the Steel Cut Texture and taste,  but toasting it brings out the natural sugars in the grain and lower glycemic index than Rolled oats
  • No added sugar like other “instant” oatmeals
  • Lo Calorie – 220 calories per serving
  • High Fiber
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Simple and easy to make unlike traditional steel cut oatmeal 3-5min vs. 30-45 min
  • Cost effective – 2 large bags online is $8.50 – http://www.coachsoats.com


SUPlove Owner Matt Johnston with Jon Ham

It’s a small world!   Matt Johnston from SUPlove and I got connected on Facebook when Matt downloaded my free e-book on Stand up Paddle surfing conditioning.  Fast forward a couple months, and Matt moved to Huntington Beach, CA where he is developing a new line of Stand Up Paddle Boards called SUPlove.  Matt and I went out to my local break where we rode his boards and had a blast!  The SUPlove boards were great, especially the 9’4” X 29 that I rode most of the morning.  It is quite buoyant, maneuverable, stable and a very fun board in the surf.  I must say that I was quite skeptical in the beginning, yet the board proved to be much more than I anticipated and I had a fantastic time.



Indo + Surfing Lesson with Jr. Seau and Hunter Joslin

Here's Jr. Seau getting some instruction by Hunter Joslin begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting on Indo Boarding and surfing.  Pretty sweet to see a massive, legendary NFL Linebacker on a surfboard as well as an Indo Board!


Jon Talks About Why He likes the Indo Board

Here are just a few examples of why I like to use the Indo Board in my training sessions with clients - Especially for SUP! 


TW MMA Balance training with Indo Balance Board and a couple soccer balls

I just saw this and had to share it since it is so cool.  It is utilizing the indo board and it totally applies to surfing and SUP.