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TRX Indo Board Fusion - Indo Roller Scorpion + 1 Leg Atomic Pushup

Here is an exercise I've been working on that has been challenging and fun at the same time.  It utilizes the TRX and the Indo Board Roller to do a 1 Leg Scorpion and atomic pushup.  I usually do about 8-10 reps of each while trying to maintain my balance. This is great for SUP!  It is so core intensive that the exercise is fantastic for training your balance, stability and strength - all needed for stand up paddle surfing.

It's difficult!  Let me know how it goes!


TRX + Indo Board Fusion at IHRSA 2010!

Here is some video of the TRX + Indo Board Fusion class that I helped to teach and create at IHRSA 2010 in San Diego.  I think it generally went pretty well seeing that not many people were actually familiar with both tools and with so many moving parts and so many different ability profiles, it was difficult to keep the class flowing smoothly.  All in all, I do think it was a success!  Using both tools is a great way to train for Stand up Paddle as I have demonstrated in my FREE e-book on How to Train for SUP!  Here's a little background:

The ability of the TRX to displace one’s center of gravity while creating limitless planes of motion and movement angles makes it an amazing tool for training the body in three dimensions.  Indo Board was created to take people away from their typical stable environments by creating instability which in turn trains the mind and body to improve balance, proprioception, coordination, postural awareness and neuromuscular response.   We believe the TRX is the best tool for training in 3-D, therefore, combining it with the Indo Board takes it to the next level.  Training in 4-D.  TRX, Indo Board, Jon Ham, and You Lee Rodriguez collaborated on this project to create a workout further challenging the TRX user by taking the normally stable contact point whether it's the feet or hands, and adding instability to that point.  The net result is a workout that provides increased muscular recruitment along with a greater challenge to the bodies balance and stabilization systems producing a more dynamic result.  Thanks to You Lee Rodriguez for the great background beats!


IHRSA 2010 Jon Ham and Scott Adams - Surf Stronger TRX Indo Fusion Interview

Here is a quick interview I got at IHRSA with Scott Adams from Surf Stronger.  Scott has some new DVDs out with TRX training in them that are fantastic.  He also has a series of surf training camps coming up soon so keep an eye out at the beach community near you! Scott had just finished taking my Indo TRX Fusion class and had some great things to say.  Thanks Scott!


Squat Variations to Improve Your Strength and Balance While On Your SUP!

Here's one of my all time favorite exercises that really works your balance, strength, and core.  It is a squat with dumbbells with a clean and shoulder press.  You can use light weights in the beginning and move up from there and when you get better at it, do it on the Indo Board.  I'm using the Indo Rocker Board since that is what I currently have in my home gym.  This is a great exercise to do when the weather is bad and you can't get out and paddle.  For more fitness tips, download my FREE E-book on SUP fitness training, it has 9 different workout programs you can do to improve you health, fitness, balance, and paddling!  Give this exercise a try and leave a comment below to let me know how it goes!


TRX / Indo Board Fusion Exercises - Great For SUP!

Both the TRX and Indo boards are great ways to train your core for Stand Up Paddle Surfing.  Here are some great exercises you can do using BOTH of them!  Post your comments below about how they work out for you!


A Tutorial On How To Use The Indo Original Flo GF

Here is a video I posted on our other website that is meant to explain how to use the Indo Original Flo GF for balance training, posture, and core stability.  I wasn't going to post it here, but it is VERY applicable to Stand Up Paddle Surf training.  I have been using this Indo Original Flo GF with my clients and I'm finding that it is so valuable to use on One Foot!  Training one foot at a time is a great way to break your balance down to into finer segments and target one leg at a time.  If one leg is stronger (which usually is the case) then you can target that leg more to build up your weak links.  Enjoy!


5 Stretches you can do on the sand before paddling 

Here are 5 easy to do stretches that will help you perform at your optimum while paddling on your stand up paddle board.  They are all easy to do on the sand right before launching and will help you prevent injury as well. 

They are:

1. Lat Stretch

2. Shoulder/Triceps Stretch

3. Hamstrings Stretch

4. IT Band Stretch

5. Figure 4 Stretch - (for piriformis) 



I went up to SB today to go to SurfingSports' SUP demo day to check out the new stuff they have going on.  Wardog and Deb are always on top of the new trends - Plus, I have been anxious to get a new 8.3" quickblade paddle. 

They didn't dissapoint!  I tried 3 of Wardog's personal quiver custom built boards from North Pacific Surfboards and I must say that they are the most stable, yet maneuverable boards I have ever tried - even at 8'10!  They have a quad +1 fin set up which makes them great for surfing or for just going for a paddle, and they are super durable and light since they are so small.  I think they are an all around great board for what I am looking for.  Here is a gallery from the day.

Wardog has a 10'6" stinger board which seems to be a great board for "Big" California days.  The cool thing is about getting this custom made is that if you are smaller like me, you can just ask them to scale it down to 9'3" instead of 10'6".  Thanks to Wardog for a great day!


Lake Sherwood Stand Up Paddle - What a Treat!!!

Last week I received a phone call from Russ who lives about 10 minutes from me on Lake Sherwood.  Russ bought a couple of training sessions at a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls’ Club of Conejo/ Las Virgenes.  We set up an appointment and I quickly learned that he was in to kayaking on the lake.  Since he was eager to strengthen his core to improve his back issues, and lives directly on a beautiful lake, the logical transition was to get him on a stand up paddle board.   So, my paddle bro Chris drove from Malibu out to Lake Sherwood and met us out on the lake for an early morning paddle. 

It was a chilly morning, down in the lower 40’s, and it took some time before we could feel out.  After about 40 minutes it warmed up and was quite enjoyable.   We explored all the little nooks and crannies of the lake, and saw where they were currently developing new lots along the coastline. 

Russ is interested in strengthening his core, and it was AMAZING how doing stand up paddle on a lake was a strong assessment tool for me as a trainer.  He mentioned that the board would paddle straight when he had his paddle on the left side of the board, yet the board really moved left when his paddle was on the right side.  I spent a few moments observing his posture, paddle stroke, and assessed him from a few different angles – side, back, and front.  Long story short, he was so heavily favoring his strong leg (left), which caused his board to naturally lean on the left rail, constantly directing the board to the left even when paddling on the left side which should take him to the right. 

I am going to see Russ tomorrow where I will put him through a training regimen to help his muscle imbalances, improve his posture, strengthen his core, and improve his balance, all of which I presume will help decrease his low back pain.  With consistent work he will be able to drastically improve his situation and have lots of fun at the same time.  My plan is to make him work his legs independently of each other by doing one legged exercises on the Indo Board with the flow cushion, TRX exercises to strengthen his core and improve posture, and hopefully we can get him using the ball as his office chair while at work.  This is just a start, and I know that if Russ does these exercises, paddles on a regular basis, and continues to do his fantastic stretching routine which he has been doing religiously for quite a while, he will feel much better and be doing just about all he can do to keep moving forward in his health and fitness. 


Naish SUP North West

Here's a fun video from Naish on a SUP/Kiting Surf trip on the north west coast up to Canada.  Who knew Stand Up Paddle mixed with Black Bears???  Pretty cool stuff.  The SUP is great for getting out in Nature, and here is a great example of that.