Welcome to SUPtrainer.com!  We believe that Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is one of the best ways to get a great workout and have fun while doing it!  Our objective of this site is to provide information on Health and Fitness specific to SUP.  Download our FREE E-book to get started and we will provide rugular content updates to keep you in the healthy and stoked!


Indo Board Partial Squats for SUP Strength and Stability!

Here is a fantastic balance, core, and strength exercise that is PERFECT for SUP!!!  It is a series of 30 partial squats on the Indo Board Roller.  Be certain, just like when on your SUP, to keep your knees, feet and ankles facing forward, go all the way down on your squats, and half way up.  I like to use the bodybar since it adds a little weight and helps keep your posture in alignment. 


TRX Letter Exercises on The Indo Rocker Board

This is a demonstration of how to do the TRX letter exercises while standing on the Indo Rocker Board.  These exercises can be found in my e-book on SUP Fitness Training and are great for shouler stability, balance, and core training.  Specific to SUP, these are "house keeping" exercises for your shoulders and will keep them strong and stable.  They should be done 2-3x per week. 


Hunter Joslin On The Indo Board

Many of you that know me and my training program know that I love to use the Indo Board.  The Indo Board is a great tool for Balance Training and Core Training.  Here is a quick video I filmed of the creator of the Indo Board, Hunter Joslin giving a demo on the product he created.  Enjoy!



Here is a video that my SUP buddy Chris and I did during a great swell we had in Malibu in July.  Enjoy!

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