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Fit For Life Balance Training with Jon Ham, Indo Board, and Suplove

Fit for life… and how appropriate.

Each month, optimal nutrition puts together a mixer to get people outside and use their body… because health is a lifestyle.  The event could be rock climbing, hiking, or just exercise in the park.  This time, it was Balance Training at mission bay in san diego.  How fun to break up your workout in the gym and get outside and move! 

I led the group through a 30 minute exercise demo using the indo board balance trainer which I think is the best way to train your balance not just for board sports, but for most sports.  The unstable surface forces you to recruit so many muscles to stabilize your joints, hold correct posture, and improve proprioception, all which are factors involved in your balance.

Once the group was well versed in correct posture and form, they were ready for some practical application of the balance training… Stand up paddle.  Yes, this is the new cool thing, but it is actually a great workout which uses every single muscle in your body.  Suplove brought their line of boards for the group to demo in the flat water…  there was a board for everyone, large and small, and they all had a great time and got a killer workout in too.

This was a special day for me, since I was able to share with a bunch of strangers a bit of my life and how I train… on unstable surfaces where I have to use my body weight, and without many machines.  Some of the best workouts I have ever had have been on a stand up paddle board, and when I can’t get out and paddle… I train on the Indo Board… to make me better out on the water. 

You see, we can make our balance better.  We can strengthen the connection between our brain and our muscles to coordinate movements more effectively… if we practice and train them to do so.  When training on an unstable device like an Indo Board or Stand up paddle board, your joints and muscles give constant feedback to your brain, which in turn learns how to adapt to the situation.  The more you practice, the more you adapt.  Conversely, if you don’t train it… you can lose it.  That connection can atrophy over time. 

In all, this event turned out to be a huge success and we will be doing it again soon. 

I hope to see you out there next time…


Squat Variations to Improve Your Strength and Balance While On Your SUP!

Here's one of my all time favorite exercises that really works your balance, strength, and core.  It is a squat with dumbbells with a clean and shoulder press.  You can use light weights in the beginning and move up from there and when you get better at it, do it on the Indo Board.  I'm using the Indo Rocker Board since that is what I currently have in my home gym.  This is a great exercise to do when the weather is bad and you can't get out and paddle.  For more fitness tips, download my FREE E-book on SUP fitness training, it has 9 different workout programs you can do to improve you health, fitness, balance, and paddling!  Give this exercise a try and leave a comment below to let me know how it goes!


TRX / Indo Board Fusion Exercises - Great For SUP!

Both the TRX and Indo boards are great ways to train your core for Stand Up Paddle Surfing.  Here are some great exercises you can do using BOTH of them!  Post your comments below about how they work out for you!


A Tutorial On How To Use The Indo Original Flo GF

Here is a video I posted on our other website that is meant to explain how to use the Indo Original Flo GF for balance training, posture, and core stability.  I wasn't going to post it here, but it is VERY applicable to Stand Up Paddle Surf training.  I have been using this Indo Original Flo GF with my clients and I'm finding that it is so valuable to use on One Foot!  Training one foot at a time is a great way to break your balance down to into finer segments and target one leg at a time.  If one leg is stronger (which usually is the case) then you can target that leg more to build up your weak links.  Enjoy!


Balance Training on the Indo Board Flow Cushion for SUP Stability

This is a great exercise for stability on the Indo Board and  is great for Stand Up Paddle Surfing and Stability on your stand up paddle board. It is great for your balance and core strength and will make you a better stand up paddle boarder.