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Balance Training to Improve your Stand Up Paddle Surfing!

Balance is another important component of Jon’s training program.  Because the water is rarely smooth and glassy, the wind seldom calm, and you are standing on a large paddle surf board, YOU MUST TRAIN YOUR BALANCE!  Balance is a learned component of your fitness training.  Your body learns to balance in the same way you learned math when you were a child PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!  You can’t expect to learn math magically without repetitive steps.  Similarly, you can’t expect to learn balance magically.  Female gymnasts practice myriad hours on the balance beam and even the best fall.  Thus, when you are not paddle surfing in water, you must train your balance at home by simulating the unstable nature of the water.  Training in this manner will make you better at not only SUP surfing but at almost every athletic endeavor. 

Pretend you are viewing a side of a mountain that has a winding, narrow switchback trail connecting the bottom of the mountain to the top.  This is analogous to a line of nerves connecting your toes to your brain.  As an unused trail gets overgrown with brush and becomes impassable, so is the connection between your brain (specifically the cerebellum) communicating and sending feedback via nerves and nerve synapses to the muscles throughout the body.  Your brain sends a signal via nerves to the muscles and return data back to the cerebellum so your body can adjust and maintain balance.  This process is known as proprioception.  Training your balance can also be pictured as taking a weed-whacker to that single track trail and removing the brush so you can use it.  

You must train your balance in order to…

  1. Improve your coordination, motor skills, body control
  2. Increase body awareness
  3. Prevent injuries from potential falls
  4. Maintain healthy joints
  5. Improve posture
  6. Make movements more efficient, requiring less energy expenditure
  7. Improve athletic performance

Here’s a video on Jon’s 5 favorite balance training exercises…

  1. Indo flow 1 leg squat with trx
  2. TRX/Indo atomic pushup
  3. Trx suspended lunge
  4. Indo squats with body bar
  5. Kneeling on the ball

More on Balance Training can be found in my FREE e-book on Stand Up Paddle Surfing Fitness Training!


Jon Talks About Why He likes the Indo Board

Here are just a few examples of why I like to use the Indo Board in my training sessions with clients - Especially for SUP! 


TRX + Indo Board Fusion at IHRSA 2010!

Here is some video of the TRX + Indo Board Fusion class that I helped to teach and create at IHRSA 2010 in San Diego.  I think it generally went pretty well seeing that not many people were actually familiar with both tools and with so many moving parts and so many different ability profiles, it was difficult to keep the class flowing smoothly.  All in all, I do think it was a success!  Using both tools is a great way to train for Stand up Paddle as I have demonstrated in my FREE e-book on How to Train for SUP!  Here's a little background:

The ability of the TRX to displace one’s center of gravity while creating limitless planes of motion and movement angles makes it an amazing tool for training the body in three dimensions.  Indo Board was created to take people away from their typical stable environments by creating instability which in turn trains the mind and body to improve balance, proprioception, coordination, postural awareness and neuromuscular response.   We believe the TRX is the best tool for training in 3-D, therefore, combining it with the Indo Board takes it to the next level.  Training in 4-D.  TRX, Indo Board, Jon Ham, and You Lee Rodriguez collaborated on this project to create a workout further challenging the TRX user by taking the normally stable contact point whether it's the feet or hands, and adding instability to that point.  The net result is a workout that provides increased muscular recruitment along with a greater challenge to the bodies balance and stabilization systems producing a more dynamic result.  Thanks to You Lee Rodriguez for the great background beats!


IHRSA 2010 Jon Ham and Scott Adams - Surf Stronger TRX Indo Fusion Interview

Here is a quick interview I got at IHRSA with Scott Adams from Surf Stronger.  Scott has some new DVDs out with TRX training in them that are fantastic.  He also has a series of surf training camps coming up soon so keep an eye out at the beach community near you! Scott had just finished taking my Indo TRX Fusion class and had some great things to say.  Thanks Scott!


TRX / Indo Board Fusion Exercises - Great For SUP!

Both the TRX and Indo boards are great ways to train your core for Stand Up Paddle Surfing.  Here are some great exercises you can do using BOTH of them!  Post your comments below about how they work out for you!


A Tutorial On How To Use The Indo Original Flo GF

Here is a video I posted on our other website that is meant to explain how to use the Indo Original Flo GF for balance training, posture, and core stability.  I wasn't going to post it here, but it is VERY applicable to Stand Up Paddle Surf training.  I have been using this Indo Original Flo GF with my clients and I'm finding that it is so valuable to use on One Foot!  Training one foot at a time is a great way to break your balance down to into finer segments and target one leg at a time.  If one leg is stronger (which usually is the case) then you can target that leg more to build up your weak links.  Enjoy!


Indo Board Partial Squats for SUP Strength and Stability!

Here is a fantastic balance, core, and strength exercise that is PERFECT for SUP!!!  It is a series of 30 partial squats on the Indo Board Roller.  Be certain, just like when on your SUP, to keep your knees, feet and ankles facing forward, go all the way down on your squats, and half way up.  I like to use the bodybar since it adds a little weight and helps keep your posture in alignment. 


TRX Letter Exercises on The Indo Rocker Board

This is a demonstration of how to do the TRX letter exercises while standing on the Indo Rocker Board.  These exercises can be found in my e-book on SUP Fitness Training and are great for shouler stability, balance, and core training.  Specific to SUP, these are "house keeping" exercises for your shoulders and will keep them strong and stable.  They should be done 2-3x per week. 


Hunter Joslin On The Indo Board

Many of you that know me and my training program know that I love to use the Indo Board.  The Indo Board is a great tool for Balance Training and Core Training.  Here is a quick video I filmed of the creator of the Indo Board, Hunter Joslin giving a demo on the product he created.  Enjoy!