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Exercises for Stand Up Paddling to Help Avoid Common Injuries and Overuse Issues

Here's an excellent video from my good friend Suzie Cooney from Suzie Trains Maui.  Well done Suzie, great tips!


Naish SUP North West

Here's a fun video from Naish on a SUP/Kiting Surf trip on the north west coast up to Canada.  Who knew Stand Up Paddle mixed with Black Bears???  Pretty cool stuff.  The SUP is great for getting out in Nature, and here is a great example of that. 


Malibu Stand Up Paddle Surfing - Jon and Chris

Back in August, Chris and I brought the camera out to a fun day in Malibu.  This is more of a beach break wave with a bit more speed than where we normally go.  This wave has inspired me to go to a shorter board (right now I ride the 9'6" Naish).  On days like today, and 8 foot something would have been awesome!  I'm considering a few boards - if anyone has had any experience on them, please let me know - the Gerry Lopez Little Darlin' 8'11", Naish 8'10" Hokua, and the new starboard 8'5" TAC (no deck needed). Enjoy the video :) and go check out the Barbarellatones - a local Malibu band (I run into the lead singer in Malibu at the various Starbucks between my appointments).