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Waterman's Applied Science at Battle of The Paddle 2010 Jon Ham with Pete

How Your Sunscreen Affects Your Athletic Performance

At the 2010 Battle of the Paddle Stand Up Paddle Race.  Jon Ham talks with Pete from Waterman’s Sunscreen about how skin protections keeps your hormones and body functioning correctly during outdoor athletic events.  



I went up to SB today to go to SurfingSports' SUP demo day to check out the new stuff they have going on.  Wardog and Deb are always on top of the new trends - Plus, I have been anxious to get a new 8.3" quickblade paddle. 

They didn't dissapoint!  I tried 3 of Wardog's personal quiver custom built boards from North Pacific Surfboards and I must say that they are the most stable, yet maneuverable boards I have ever tried - even at 8'10!  They have a quad +1 fin set up which makes them great for surfing or for just going for a paddle, and they are super durable and light since they are so small.  I think they are an all around great board for what I am looking for.  Here is a gallery from the day.

Wardog has a 10'6" stinger board which seems to be a great board for "Big" California days.  The cool thing is about getting this custom made is that if you are smaller like me, you can just ask them to scale it down to 9'3" instead of 10'6".  Thanks to Wardog for a great day!


Naish SUP North West

Here's a fun video from Naish on a SUP/Kiting Surf trip on the north west coast up to Canada.  Who knew Stand Up Paddle mixed with Black Bears???  Pretty cool stuff.  The SUP is great for getting out in Nature, and here is a great example of that. 


Awesome! SUP in Teahupoo Tahiti - Patrice CHANZY

Just thought I'd pass this along since it is soooo super cool..



SUP Galapagos from Paddle Surf Hawaii

Surfing the Galapagos from Morgan Hoesterey on Vimeo.

Footage from the Paddle Surf Hawaii trip to the Galapagos. www.paddlesurfhawaii.com. Thanks to Chris Aguilar from Soul Surf Media for grading... www.soulsurfmedia.com.