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Exercises for Stand Up Paddling to Help Avoid Common Injuries and Overuse Issues

Here's an excellent video from my good friend Suzie Cooney from Suzie Trains Maui.  Well done Suzie, great tips!


New SUPlove boards and SUPlove's First Sale!

They are finally here!  SUPlove has gotten their first set of boards to the US and we were lucky enough to try them out and help get their first sale!  More exciting things to come from SUPlove!  I tried the 8'10" x 28.5" Challenger model and I found it to be very stable, agile, and super fun to surf.  The 9'4" Mach1 is it's big brother and would be an ideal SUP surf board for someone between 140-180 lbs, while the 8'5" Challenger seems to be an ideal board for someone under 160lbs.  At 145lbs, I find the Challenger to be an ideal board.  


TRX / Indo Board Fusion Exercises - Great For SUP!

Both the TRX and Indo boards are great ways to train your core for Stand Up Paddle Surfing.  Here are some great exercises you can do using BOTH of them!  Post your comments below about how they work out for you!


5 Stretches you can do on the sand before paddling 

Here are 5 easy to do stretches that will help you perform at your optimum while paddling on your stand up paddle board.  They are all easy to do on the sand right before launching and will help you prevent injury as well. 

They are:

1. Lat Stretch

2. Shoulder/Triceps Stretch

3. Hamstrings Stretch

4. IT Band Stretch

5. Figure 4 Stretch - (for piriformis) 


TRX Interactive Anchoring Solutions

This is the beginning of an interactive set of videos I uploaded on You Tube that lead you through a series of locations you can hook up your TRX!  Now is the time to begin planning your Fitness New Year's Resolutions!  So start taking control of your fitness by getting a TRX and setting it up... anywhere!  As you all know, I think the TRX is excellent for Stand Up Paddle Fitness Training, and I use it every day!  I hope you can use it to help you in your training!