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Stand Up Paddle Surf Session 1-19-11 SUP Malibu

Here's a quick little video using my gopro HD cam.  I'm on the Suplove 8'10" Challenger in Malibu...


Fit For Life Balance Training with Jon Ham, Indo Board, and Suplove

Fit for life… and how appropriate.

Each month, optimal nutrition puts together a mixer to get people outside and use their body… because health is a lifestyle.  The event could be rock climbing, hiking, or just exercise in the park.  This time, it was Balance Training at mission bay in san diego.  How fun to break up your workout in the gym and get outside and move! 

I led the group through a 30 minute exercise demo using the indo board balance trainer which I think is the best way to train your balance not just for board sports, but for most sports.  The unstable surface forces you to recruit so many muscles to stabilize your joints, hold correct posture, and improve proprioception, all which are factors involved in your balance.

Once the group was well versed in correct posture and form, they were ready for some practical application of the balance training… Stand up paddle.  Yes, this is the new cool thing, but it is actually a great workout which uses every single muscle in your body.  Suplove brought their line of boards for the group to demo in the flat water…  there was a board for everyone, large and small, and they all had a great time and got a killer workout in too.

This was a special day for me, since I was able to share with a bunch of strangers a bit of my life and how I train… on unstable surfaces where I have to use my body weight, and without many machines.  Some of the best workouts I have ever had have been on a stand up paddle board, and when I can’t get out and paddle… I train on the Indo Board… to make me better out on the water. 

You see, we can make our balance better.  We can strengthen the connection between our brain and our muscles to coordinate movements more effectively… if we practice and train them to do so.  When training on an unstable device like an Indo Board or Stand up paddle board, your joints and muscles give constant feedback to your brain, which in turn learns how to adapt to the situation.  The more you practice, the more you adapt.  Conversely, if you don’t train it… you can lose it.  That connection can atrophy over time. 

In all, this event turned out to be a huge success and we will be doing it again soon. 

I hope to see you out there next time…


Road Trip Vlog Day 1 Jon and Cari head out to Needles and then on to Flagstaff

Road Trip!  Cari and I head out to Flagstaff on our way to Lake Powell for a wonderful House boating Trip.  We make a stop in Needles to pick up the speedboat with our crew, then get back on Highway 40 where we drive painfully slowly to Flagstaff for the night.  During the drive, the rig that we are following with the crew in it runs out of gas somewhere off of route 66.  A Highway Patrolman pulls over to see if everything is alright and Jon asks him if he knows if they are close to the ocean (the paddleboards are on the roof)… ha!


Best Pre - Stand Up Paddle Breakfast!

Cari and I have been eating Coach’s Oats now for about a year and I cannot recommend getting in to a healthy habit like this enough.  I used to eat a bagel every day and I knew it was a terrible choice, but it was a habit.  Now, I eat Coach’s every day and made this a habit.  It is healthy, tastes great, and easy and convenient to make.  This is something that worked for us, now I challenge you to go with the Coach!  Start your morning off on the right foot and take control of at least one meal of the day, right away, every day.  

Plus, Coach's Oats is a PERFECT pre- Paddle meal!  Be sure to eat before you go out and paddle in the morning - you will be happy after a few hours that you did!

  • Habitual Breakfast – Get in a Good Habit!
  • 100%Whole Grain  “Cracked and Toasted” Has the Steel Cut Texture and taste,  but toasting it brings out the natural sugars in the grain and lower glycemic index than Rolled oats
  • No added sugar like other “instant” oatmeals
  • Lo Calorie – 220 calories per serving
  • High Fiber
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Simple and easy to make unlike traditional steel cut oatmeal 3-5min vs. 30-45 min
  • Cost effective – 2 large bags online is $8.50 – http://www.coachsoats.com


SUPlove Owner Matt Johnston with Jon Ham

It’s a small world!   Matt Johnston from SUPlove and I got connected on Facebook when Matt downloaded my free e-book on Stand up Paddle surfing conditioning.  Fast forward a couple months, and Matt moved to Huntington Beach, CA where he is developing a new line of Stand Up Paddle Boards called SUPlove.  Matt and I went out to my local break where we rode his boards and had a blast!  The SUPlove boards were great, especially the 9’4” X 29 that I rode most of the morning.  It is quite buoyant, maneuverable, stable and a very fun board in the surf.  I must say that I was quite skeptical in the beginning, yet the board proved to be much more than I anticipated and I had a fantastic time.



TRX + Indo Board Fusion at IHRSA 2010!

Here is some video of the TRX + Indo Board Fusion class that I helped to teach and create at IHRSA 2010 in San Diego.  I think it generally went pretty well seeing that not many people were actually familiar with both tools and with so many moving parts and so many different ability profiles, it was difficult to keep the class flowing smoothly.  All in all, I do think it was a success!  Using both tools is a great way to train for Stand up Paddle as I have demonstrated in my FREE e-book on How to Train for SUP!  Here's a little background:

The ability of the TRX to displace one’s center of gravity while creating limitless planes of motion and movement angles makes it an amazing tool for training the body in three dimensions.  Indo Board was created to take people away from their typical stable environments by creating instability which in turn trains the mind and body to improve balance, proprioception, coordination, postural awareness and neuromuscular response.   We believe the TRX is the best tool for training in 3-D, therefore, combining it with the Indo Board takes it to the next level.  Training in 4-D.  TRX, Indo Board, Jon Ham, and You Lee Rodriguez collaborated on this project to create a workout further challenging the TRX user by taking the normally stable contact point whether it's the feet or hands, and adding instability to that point.  The net result is a workout that provides increased muscular recruitment along with a greater challenge to the bodies balance and stabilization systems producing a more dynamic result.  Thanks to You Lee Rodriguez for the great background beats!